Fuel Injection Solutions

Fuel Injection Solutions


Diesel oil dispensing pump

The people described frequently the engine is automobile's heart, but blows the system is diesel engine's heart. Its product quality, the assembly adjust and use the service to diesel engine's power performance, the oil consumption, the emissions and the service life decisive function. Therefore diesel engine's blow system is the modern diesel engine automobile key core system, is also in the diesel engine automobile service the specification is high and the difficulty big project. Since 1985, our country has introduced J series



Commings engine PT spray hole drop oil phenomenon analysis

In the early 80s, the Shandong bulldozer main plant the D85A-18 crawler dozer which introduced from the Japanese small pine manufacture, used the Commings engine. Commings engine PT fuel delivery system's characteristic:The fuel feed is decided in the PT pump supplies spray hole fuel pressure and opens the spray hole gauged orifice the absolute time.The PT pump is the low press pump, the discharge pressure generally in 0.8~1.2MPa, the spray hole spraying fuel oil pressure in 68~136MPa.The PT fuel system (Figure 1), fuel oil tank's position is higher than the PT pump and the PT spray hole.



Turbocharger common faults and the proper

Turbocharger is a high-temperature environment in the Super high-speed rotating machinery, speed up its work 50 000 to 240000 r / min, such high-speed rotating machinery often due to improper installation and damage caused, enabling users suffered economic losses. China currently used by the supercharger whether domestically produced or imported, are often useful life of less than the expected useful life, the reasons for more than 90 per cent is due to improper installation. Serious overloading of vehicles or users to change their own supply of life is affected supercharger the main factors. This paper presents a supercharger in the use of some common faults and the reasons for.



how to do when the pump is removed mark turmoil?

If for some reason mark disorder or removed when the oil pump to mark the end, the most reliable way is removed tanks, bellows opened at the Gear Room is covered under the drive gear on the "X, Y, Z" re-mark assembly, but this method fan trouble, heavy workload, as far as possible use less general



High Pressure Common Rail fuel system components on the main

Common Rail fuel injection system in the 20th century in the late 1990's formal entry into the practical stage. Such electronic control system can be divided into: Accumulator-Electronic Fuel Injection System, electric hydraulic pressure control system and high-pressure fuel injection electronically controlled common rail fuel-injection system. High Pressure Common Rail system can be realized in the traditional fuel injection system can not be achieved in the function of its advantages:



What is a turbo-charged technology

Diesel cars in Europe is relatively common. After years of research and applications, through the use of modern diesel engine car EFI, common-rail, turbo-charged, and other technical means, in the weight, noise, smoke, etc. has made significant achievements, reaching the level of gasoline engine. "Turbocharger" and the "new diesel engine technology", the two have already introduced the diesel engine turbocharger, EFI and common rail technology, here again on the turbo-charged diesel engine knowledge.



Common Rail Diesel Engine Electronic Fuel Injection Technology

With the world engineering machinery, transport vehicles, such as the increase in the number of diesel engine exhaust emissions on the Earth's environment has become the main cause of pollution, how to take measures to protect human life the Earth's environment has been a priority. China from the 1980s formulated the relevant standards, environmental protection as a major task.



Cummins PT fuel injection system attendant adjustment

Diesel engines should reach operating temperature; oil temperature should reach 74 above; injector parts numbers should be correct; flow should be in line with requirements; injector valve in accordance with the regulations and adjust better to throttle linkage transferred to the control of the whole open position (when the throttle to relax, before encountered throttle adjustment screw). Then will be installed to speed table PT fuel pump driveshafts time connecting devices.


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