What is a turbo-charged technology

Diesel cars in Europe is relatively common. After years of research and applications, through the use of modern diesel engine car EFI, common-rail, turbo-charged, and other technical means, in the weight, noise, smoke, etc. has made significant achievements, reaching the level of gasoline engine. "Turbocharger" and the "new diesel engine technology", the two have already introduced the diesel engine turbocharger, EFI and common rail technology, here again on the turbo-charged diesel engine knowledge. 


Turbocharged Diesel Engines in emissions will remain unchanged, the weight is increased under the circumstances of having little to achieve the purpose of increasing output power. With the same power compared to the non-supercharged engine, supercharged diesel engine is not only small size, light weight, power, but also reduces the cost of power units. Therefore, the supercharger technology not only widely used in diesel engines, but also extended to the gasoline engine, the internal combustion engine is to improve the important technological means. But there are always contradictory nature of things, the improvement of air pressure of the air density is increased, the density of air is bound to raise the temperature of the air also increased, as to when the tire pump will boost the morale of the same fever. Engine turbocharger outlet temperature of the pressure will increase with increasing temperature in turn will improve the air density limit for improvement, we should further improve the air density will be reduced pressurization air temperature. The experiments showed that the air-fuel ratio in the same conditions, pressurized air temperature dropped 10 degrees Celsius each, can increase engine power 3% -5%, while reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx), improvement of the low-speed engine performance. Therefore, it produced a middle-cooling technology. 


Diesel Engine Cooling Technology middle of two types, one is the use of diesel engines in the circulating cooling water cooler for cooling, and the other is used radiator cooling, air cooling is used outside. When the use of cooling water cooling, it needs to acquire an independent auxiliary circulating water system to achieve better cooling effect, this means higher cost and complexity of institutions. Therefore, the most used vehicle engine air-cooling in the cooler. 


In the cold-air cooling pipes will be used for the compressed air-to a radiator, the cooling fan use forced air cooling. In the cold-air cooling for the engine water tanks can be installed in the front, side or the other installed in a separate location, it waveform aluminum heat sinks and pipe and tank engine similar structure, high efficiency heat conduction can be pressurized air cooled to the temperature of 50-60 degrees Celsius. 


Intermediate cooling technology is not a simple technology, without overheating effect of a waste of effort, too cold in the intake pipe will be formed in the condensed water and are self-defeating. So to the cold and turbocharger for accurate matching, to make compressed air temperature of the cooling requirements.

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