how to do when the pump is removed mark turmoil?

If for some reason mark disorder or removed when the oil pump to mark the end, the most reliable way is removed tanks, bellows opened at the Gear Room is covered under the drive gear on the "X, Y, Z" re-mark assembly, but this method fan trouble, heavy workload, as far as possible use less general 


Another method is as follows: 


(1) first set to a diesel engine cylinder compression only on the first 14 º to 16 º (only 14 points before º to 16 º in the crankshaft belt was engraved on the line, which marks the "I" that the only point, marked  Before that, only 14 º to 16 º), see Figure (217) 


(2) pump flange packages in the engine, and the flange is the arrow on the window as the moment draw lines, the engine will be the arrow on the View window, "copying" in the pump flange, again Transmission gear flange will be installed to injection pump 


(3) pre-installed on the short trip measuring devices, according to pump the work of the first cylinder to find that B-cylinder pre-stroke end points (supply start time), when pre-stroke found the end position immediately after the drive gear pumps in the on the flange is engraved on the line cook mark, and that that the oil pump drive gear have been found on the first cylinder and flange engraved on the line corresponding to the mark supply starting point 


(4) With the first helical gear on an oil starting point marks, as long as the pumps installed on the mark when the engine is the arrow on the View window


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