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    Engine Valve Clearance adjustment methods and matters needing attention

         Automotive Engine in the use of the process, because Valve agencies or certain parts wear loose, it can cause changes in the original Valve Clearance, about 10,000 km on the general maintenance, inspection and adjustment should be Valve Clearance to comply with technical specifications .

         Valve Clearance off hours, although the noise, but will be in operation due to the heat expansion valve closure valve leakage caused lax, valve and valve seat I overheating ablation. Especially diesel, if the gap is too small valve, cylinder compression will result in a low pressure, thus reducing engine power, starting serious difficulties (compression ignition engine is on). At the same time, the gap is too small valve flammable mixture will result in incomplete combustion, so that the HC emissions were significantly increased. Valve Clearance too large, the evening opened valve closure, not only of noise, but will also cause inadequate intake and exhaust not net, a piston down, the mixture continued to burn and to the engine (in particular the exhaust manifold ) overheating, reducing engine power, increased fuel consumption.

         Valve Clearance inspection and adjustment method

         Common inspection and adjustment of valve clearance There are two methods: First, each cylinder Adjustment Act, which is the ignition cylinder priorities identified in a piston cylinder compression only on the location, this can be-cylinder, exhaust valve clearance adjustments; After shaking properly transferred to the crankshaft, this gradual adjustment of the other cylinder valve clearance. Second, it has twice Adjustment Act, that is, to shake crankshaft to the Pistons in the first cylinder compression only on the point, the flywheel marks and inspection holes are carved on the line (such as EQ6100 engines), then adjustable 1,2,4,5 , and 8,9-valve (valve engine from the former refers to the order backwards), then shake to the crankshaft lap, in a six-cylinder piston only on the compression stroke, then transferred 3,6,7,10 "plus two" (11,12) valve, and this is actually memory adjustment. Adjustment adjustment screw fastening side, the side with thickness valve inserted at the end of regulation and pulling back and forth between Rocker was a slight resistance suitable, and then re-examined it again, until the appropriate date. Cylinder shake required by law to the crankshaft more often, prosecutors have to spend more time, but the more serious engine wear, with each cylinder valve clearance for the seizure of more precise. Valve Clearance of two adjustments compare Save time and effort, but for different models to different memory adjustable valve sequence of complex models of the maintenance staff on some memory difficulties.

         Valve Clearance examine and adjust the matter of attention

         1, in accordance with vehicle manufacturers gap adjustment of the valve and the specific requirements of the provisions.

         2, attention should be paid to temperature adjustment: rocker arm valve, the valve rod temperature Valve Clearance will have an impact, in general, heat engine valve clearance adjustments should be cooler than when the gap between the demands of small, and some vehicles in the cooler when requested adjustments, some of the cars in the heat, cold, can be adjusted, but the gap is not the same value.

         3, the cylinder valve should be adjusted in line space, in order to avoid the imbalance in the engine running.

         4, valve clearance adjustments, by the tone for the valve should be closed entirely in the state, then adjust the gap between the value is accurate.

         5, before adjustment for the attention of the first inspection Rocker face. Engine work, the first curved rocker face constantly and valve-end collision, sliding wear, especially in the lubrication adverse circumstances, would cause wear and tear, Mochu pit, serious valve rod end of the card into the pit The broken arm, it should be under the wear of repair or replacement, so as not to affect the accuracy of the adjustment.

         Valve Clearance adjustment is maintenance, engine maintenance, one of the items must be completed, and an important operations, whether it was appropriate adjustments will be directly affected engine and the driving force of economic and drive repair personnel should arouse attention.

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