PS7100 Plungers

6mm pump element 2 418 455 165 PS7100 For bosch mw inline injection pump plunger

6mm pump element 2 418 455 165 PS7100 For bosch mw inline injection pump plunger

#how to install and repair # PS7100 Type Plunger #for bosch m pump 7mm elements# for bosch p7100 injection pump plunger for sale# 


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We are a manufacturer for diesel fuel parts, Such as head rotor, nozzle, plunger, feed pump, delivery valve, cam plate, repair kit and so on. Which are applied on Japanese car/truck, Euro truck and Agricultural machines. 


China Lutong Parts Factory is a professional OEM and parts supplier, specializing in the production of high-quality diesel engine injectors and accessories for locomotives. 

#China Lutong has nearly 20 years of history and experience, providing the most comprehensive diesel injection parts. We have spare parts inventory for diesel injection pumps, injectors and injection pumps. Our company's business philosophy is based on reliability, professionalism, competition and value for money. 


We have more than 3000 diesel engine parts in stock to meet any customer requirements.


Our advantage: DS#

(a) Competitive price

b) Excellent customer service

(c) Qualified personnel

(d) Technical support

(e) High quality products

(f) E-commerce


>>Warranty&Warranty # DS#

>High quality design and manufacturing

>Provides optimal performance

>Strictly tested and approved for safe use on the road

>Meet or exceed original equipment specifications

>Easy assembly due to original equipment specification design


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All processes are managed under the ISO 9001:2008 standard. When it comes to Remanufacturing, even ISO TS 16949 is applied. Quality under hand and seal.