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Buy 387-9427 Injector For Excavator E320D E330D Excavator Parts

{DY}Buy 387-9427 Injector Injector For Excavator E320D E330D Excavator Parts

Fuel Injector 387-9427 3879427 10R7225 for C7 Engine E320D E330D Excavator

Excavator Fuel Injector for C9 engine

You are welcome to inquire and negotiate business. We have sufficient spare parts inventory and professional technicians to provide you with all-round services wholeheartedly. Welcome customers to visit our factory.

Because the product technical parameters involve many related factors, we cannot display them all. If necessary, please communicate with the online staff in time to avoid buying inapplicable or wrong accessories. The time delay and loss caused by return and exchange will far exceed the value of the item itself. It will also turn us from a small profit to a loss. So please spend more time communicating with us.{DY}

Our main products: 

1. Three major parts of diesel engine/fuel system components: pump head (supporting for Bosch, Denso, Jackcell, Lucas and Yanmar engines), mechanical nozzle, fuel injector (P type, PN type, PDN type , S type, SN type, etc.), plunger couple (A type, AD type, P type, PS7100, P8500, PN type, etc.)

2. Common rail accessories: common rail injector, common rail nozzle, valve assembly, common rail valve, valve plate, solenoid valve, common rail control valve, high pressure oil pump, control valve, pressure relief valve, filter element, diesel test bench, Diesel injectors, etc.

3. Common rail injector (Bosch series, Carter series, Denso series, Cummins series), mechanical injector assembly, pencil injector

4. Euro II spare parts, engineering machinery spare parts C7, C9, C10, C11, C13, C15 & C18, excavator spare parts: oil pump, oil outlet valve, transmission shaft, roller seat and repair kit, etc.

5. Oil pump assembly: VE pump assembly, distribution pump, non-road VE pump assembly, CB18 common rail pump, high pressure common rail, high pressure common rail equipment TMH

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#Buy 387-9427 Injector #

#Excavator Fuel Injector for C9 engine#

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