Common Rail Injector

Fit for fuel injectors ford f350 diesel

T #Fit for fuel injectors ford f350 diesel#

Common Rail injectors make possible fine electronic control over the fuel injection time and quantity, and the higher pressure that the common rail technology makes available provides better fuel atomization. In order to lower engine noise, the engine's electronic control unit can inject a small amount of diesel just before the main injection event ("pilot" injection), thus reducing its explosiveness and vibration, as well as optimizing injection timing and quantity for variations in fuel quality, cold starting and so on.


The 3rd generation of Common Rail makes diesel engines even cleaner, more economic, more powerful and quieter.


The key is the innovative injection system: it works with rapid switch, compact piezo-inline injectors.


Some advanced common rail fuel systems perform as many as five injections per stroke.


The injector of the Common Rail System contains the injection nozzle, an actuator in the case of piezo injectors or a solenoid valve in the case of solenoid injectors plus the hydraulic and electrical connections to trigger the nozzle module. An injector connected to the rail via a short high-pressure line is installed in each engine cylinder.



The electrical, hydraulic servo system in the injector receives control impulses from the EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) to open and close the nozzle module. It is triggered either by a solenoid-valve or a piezo actuator. Injectors with a piezo actuator can have a slimmer design and achieve reduced switching noise. Both technologies achieve similarly short switching times and permit pilot, main and secondary injections. In this way, fuel combustion can be designed to be efficient and clean at all operating points.  T

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T Fit for fuel injectors ford f350 diesel

Injector C.R. 095000-8901 095000-8901
Injector C.R. 095000-8740 095000-8740
Injector C.R. 095000-8110 095000-8110
Injector C.R. 095000-8100 095000-8100
Injector C.R. 095000-8011 095000-8011
Injector C.R. 095000-7761 095000-7761
Injector C.R. 095000-7140 095000-7140
Injector C.R. 095000-7060 095000-7060
Injector C.R. 095000-6593 095000-6593
Injector C.R. 095000-6510 095000-6510
Injector C.R. 095000-6420 095000-6420
Injector C.R. 095000-6363 095000-6363
Injector C.R. 095000-6280 095000-6280
Injector C.R. 095000-6253 095000-6253
Injector C.R. 095000-6250. 095000-6250.
Injector C.R. 095000-6243 095000-6243
Injector C.R. 095000-6240. 095000-6240.
Injector C.R. 095000-5890 095000-5890
Injector C.R. 095000-5760 095000-5760
Injector C.R. 095000-5600 095000-5600
Injector C.R. 095000-5550- 095000-5550-
Injector C.R. 095000-5504 095000-5504
Injector C.R. 095000-5500 095000-550#
Injector C.R. 095000-5450 095000-5450
Injector C.R. 095000-5450 095000-5450
Injector C.R. 095000-5361 095000-5361
Injector C.R. 095000-5344 095000-5344
Injector C.R. 095000-5341 095000-5341
Injector C.R. 095000-5340 095000-5340
Injector C.R. 095000-5226 095000-5226
Injector C.R. 095000-5223 095000-5223
Injector C.R. 095000-5215 095000-5215
Injector C.R. 095000-5150 095000-5150
Injector C.R. 095000-5010 095000-501#
Injector C.R. 095000-5000 095000-500#
Injector C.R. 095000-1211 095000-1211
Injector C.R. 095000-1020 095000-1020
Injector C.R. 095000-0800 095000-0800
Injector C.R. 095000-0710 095000-0710
Injector C.R. 095000-0570 095000-0570
Injector C.R. 095000-0243 095000-0243
Injector C.R. 095000-0073 095000-0073