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China-Lutong is specialized in supplier of diesel fuel injection systems with over 20 years of industrial manufacturing experience. China-Lutong common rail valve provide superior performance and durability and are manufactured to original equipment specifications. You can be confident when you install China-Lutong common rail valves you are receiving a quality diesel injector parts.

Condition : New

Quality : Good

Usage : Industrial

Features : Durable, Smooth Finish

Advantages : Easy to operate

Durability : Long life

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Promise of Quality:


All processes are managed under the ISO 9001:2008 standard. When it comes to Remanufacturing, even ISO TS 16949 is applied. Quality under hand and seal.

Nozzle S ZK150T834 ZK150T834
Nozzle S ZK150T832 ZK150T832
Nozzle S ZK150T828 ZK150T828
Nozzle S ZK150S825 ZK150S825
Nozzle S ZK140S835 ZK140S835
Nozzle PUMP PARTS ZCK22S147 ZCK22S147
Nozzle S ZCK156S3124 ZCK156S3124
Nozzle S ZCK155S530 ZCK155S530
Nozzle S ZCK155S529 ZCK155S529
Nozzle S ZCK155S527 ZCK155S527
Nozzle S ZCK155S525 ZCK155S525
Nozzle S ZCK155S523 ZCK155S523
Nozzle S ZCK154S432 ZCK154S432
Nozzle S ZCK154S428 ZCK154S428
Nozzle S ZCK154S427 ZCK154S427
Nozzle S ZCK154S425 ZCK154S425
Nozzle S ZCK154S423 ZCK154S423
Nozzle S ZCK150S840E ZCK150S840E
Nozzle S ZCK150S835E ZCK150S835E
Nozzle S ZCK150S830 ZCK150S830
Nozzle PUMP PARTS ZCK150S629 ZCK150S629
Nozzle S ZCK150S532 ZCK150S532
Nozzle S ZCK150S530A ZCK150S530A
Nozzle S ZCK150S435 ZCK150S435
Nozzle S 0 433 271 190 ZCK150S430
Nozzle S 0 433 271 190 ZCK150S430
Nozzle S ZCK150S3165 ZCK150S3165
Nozzle P ZCK150P528-1 ZCK150P528-1
Nozzle P ZCK150P528 ZCK150P528
Nozzle P ZCK150P430 ZCK150P430
Nozzle Marine YS101116A YS101116A
Nozzle S YDLLA-155S325WO 4B YDLLA-155S325WO 4B
Nozzle S YDLLA-150S334S OBC YDLLA-150S334S OBC
Nozzle S 105990-53001 YDLLA-150S334S
Nozzle S YDLLA-150S325A2 8G YDLLA-150S325A2 8G
Nozzle S YDLLA-150S287G2A 6 YDLLA-150S287G2A 6E
Nozzle S YDLLA-150S285L131 YDLLA-150S285L131
Nozzle S YDLLA-140S344B5 YDLLA-140S344B5
Nozzle S YDLLA-140S324B4 YDLLA-140S324B4
Nozzle S YDLLA-140S304NPO 5 YDLLA-140S304NPO 5L
Nozzle S YDLL-150S366H YDLL-150S366H
Nozzle S YDLL-150S307HZ 5L YDLL-150S307HZ 5L
Nozzle S YDLL-145S336G1 YDLL-145S336G1