On the domestic fuel pump test rig development trend

Fuel pump fuel pump as a test bed debugging test equipment, fuel pump in the manufacture and maintenance play an important role. In recent years, with the increasingly widespread application of diesel engines, pumps oil Tsui technology improvements, maintenance and fuel pump manufacturer on the fuel pump test rig industry the technical requirements of increasingly high, which few domestic manufacturers of the test rig also have to move closer to the world's advanced technologies.


1 fuel pump speed control system dynamic test rig status quo 


(1) mechanical rotational speed test bed 

Mechanical rotational speed test bed is to use variable pulley advised to achieve fuel pump drive shaft speed the CVT. The type of test bed in the late 1950s began in the domestic production, its structure is simple, easy to produce, and fuel pump maintenance industry in a large market, but the transmission of this type of product is inefficient, variable scope is narrow, difficult to satisfy the high-speed, large Diesel fuel pump power of debugging support, only a small amount of this type of test rig is targeted mainly tractors, construction machinery, such as small and medium-sized power of the diesel engine fuel pump tests, such products already out products. 


(2) Hydraulic Test Stand 

Transmission hydraulic test rig, its efficiency and speed of transmission, and better able to meet the general fuel pump various debugging requirements. Since the 1960s domestic product, is a mechanical test bed replacement products. At present, the fuel pump maintenance industry has a bigger market. 


Because the product is driven hydraulic pump hydraulic motor speed to make the CV, and the machining precision hydraulic components higher, the relatively complex structure, enabling manufacturers more difficult, in the use of maintenance more difficult operation is not very convenient, big noise. Therefore, the strain in the test bed manufacturers pump oil Tsui has been basically eliminated. 


(3) Slip-Test Bench 

Slip-Test-bed domestic production in the late 1970s started products manufacturer in the pump Tsui and maintenance industries have larger holdings of. - Slip clutch is normally provided by the manufacturer on its own test-bed design and production, and ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor with matching, as well as some manufacturers are using direct professional motor manufacturers slip in speed motor assembly test rig. 


Test-bed main characteristics of such structure is simple, easy to maintain, convenient to use, high reliability, its performance can meet Tsui pump oil production debugging and maintenance industry needs. But there are also speed control circuit performance instability, making it easy for defects such as speed control, the failures to the equipment maintenance and operation of a certain officers of the dangers of this, individual manufacturers products in the installation of the speed of the Monitor - Purchase protection, so as to effectively ensure the safety of operation of the equipment. 


(4) Frequency-Test Bench 

AC inverter the 1980s only to the rapid development of the Electrical and Mechanical Control Technology. It is the application of microprocessor technology and electronic components consisting of high-power variable speed motor control system, its output by General Motors CV driveshafts direct output, smooth operation, the torque characteristics of the fuel pump, and so provide accurate debugging Speed, operating more convenient and function better. Thus domestic fuel pump test rig manufacturing enterprises or through the introduction of patent production technology, or develop their own design, quickly develop a variety of standard frequency-injection pump test, bringing domestic fuel pump test rig technically be larger improved. 

In order to improve the function of the kind of test bed also generally increase to improve power supply, gas source, such as additional features flowmeter. 


2 fuel pump Status Measurement System Test Bed 


(1) speed, control instrumentation 

Fuel pump test stand fuel pump speed measurement is the basic guarantee for debugging. At present, almost all types of products are supported figures show that the speed table, and the early speed Pointer table has been eliminated. Counting of oil also is the use of electronic counting device preferences counting, control of the oil pump debugging. In addition, the manufacturers of the product configuration also many other monitoring and control functions, such as automatic digital display oil temperature control and hydraulic, pneumatic (vacuum) digital surveying. In short, the fuel pump test required parameters can be measured by the number of significant instrument to test conditions, control accuracy has been greatly increased. 


(2) fuel pump test parameters debugging 

Commissioning is the main fuel pump parameters of the fuel tank, and is currently testing the glass graduated cylinder is still primarily based measurement, but this measurement is a measure of the greatest shortcomings of the slow process, especially unfit to pump oil Tsui a large number of manufacturers of specialized production, Therefore, in the development of new products abroad, using a computer monitoring and control technologies and design of the sensor on the fuel injection pump of rapid and continuous measurement, is the urgent need to resolve the issue, which is domestic fuel pump test rig with advanced foreign of the gap between the real product. 


3 fuel pump test rig development trends and recommendations 


(1) As used in test-bed main oil pump manufacturer Tsui debugging and maintenance, and manufacturers because of the volume of production is, therefore, it requires test bed to a high degree of automation, such as the fuel pump and injector rapid loading fixture of Fast digital measurement, and maintenance industry requires test bed fuel pump should be able to adapt to a variety of debugging, with a complete annex. 


(2) fuel pump test rig future technological development should focus primarily on the full use of computer monitoring and control technologies, the fuel pump in the debugging of the conditions and technical parameters of the measuremen

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