Low-noise high-pressure radial piston pump JBP series of structural features and performance indicators

Abstract: This paper introduces a radial piston pump at home and abroad the development, production situation. Focuses on the high-low noise electromechanical control radial piston pump structure depends product features and performance indicators, and prospects for the development of the products and apply for a brief occasions Analysis and Prospects. 


Keywords: structural characteristics of the radial piston pump performance 


With the continuous development of science and technology, modern equipment increasingly high level of automation. The hydraulic drive and control system for its power transmission, control of high accuracy, fast response and easy to realize the advantages of electro-hydraulic control integration, are widely used in various trades and industries. Hydraulic system as a power source - the hydraulic pump more and more demanding. Radial piston pump with high pressure shock. Longer life expectancy, control of high accuracy, low noise advantages of the hydraulic pump manufacturers at home and abroad from the attention and the use of manufacturers of all ages. It is widely used in metallurgical, mining, Forging, injection molding, shipbuilding, heavy machinery and other equipment. 


A radial piston pump at home and abroad in the development and production status quo 


Can be divided into radial piston pump with axial flow valve with Distribution two categories. Valve Flow radial piston pump with high failure rate there, low efficiency shortcomings. International development of the 1970s and 1980s flow radial piston pump shaft with a valve to overcome radial piston pump with flow deficiencies. The radial pump structure of the characteristics of Shaanxi set the axis radial piston pump with flow than axial piston pump impact resistant, long life, high precision control. To become a good high-pressure pump, the hydraulic pump on behalf of the current international manufacturer of advanced level. However, it was high in technology, manufacturing difficulties, the international community only Bosch (BOSCH), Voith (VOITH) companies, a handful of companies able to produce. Bosch production and only 8 of 90 mL of the following specifications pump Voith company produces only 110 a 250 mL / r specifications of the pump. 


China from the late 1980s early 1990s there are many research institutes and manufacturers started research and development of this product, but did not make any substantive progress. Mainly because, theoretically, to be deepened, not in the actual production of the rotor shaft with the assignment, and the stator Slipper two pairs of friction burn research problems. Some manufacturers through the hole in the rotor bearing alloy casting methods to overcome the burn research, but the result is not ideal, this approach in the use of small displacement pump, although able to prevent friction burn Institute of the question, but the life of pump not long. By the well-known researcher of hydraulic experts Lu Wang Yan Bing and materials experts and professors are team after years of research and development, had achieved "a balance between pressure and double compensation for the radial piston pump" and "a new type of large high-pressure Dual radial piston pump rotor displacement, "the two patents," an austenitic alloy Ductile Iron Application Development, "a national new materials and technological achievements. These results achieved so that our country radial piston pump design theory in the development of technology and materials and made breakthrough progress. Lanzhou Yongxin Technology Co., Ltd. to the two patents and the results of a new material technology to support the successful development and production of electrical and mechanical control of JBP series radial piston pump is the country's Ministry of Science and Technology, "on August 5" key and the National Science and Technology Department of Torch Project. The pump in a number of enterprises in the 2-3 years of industrial assessment tests, excellent performance. 


Structural characteristics 

(1) simple structure can be seen from Figure 1. The pump design simple structure reasonable, the number of small parts. 


(2) variable short trip pump plunger variables in the variable spacing and plunger role, change stator eccentricity achieve, and will be the largest eccentricity to 5-9 mm (based on emissions of different sizes), variable a very short trip. Design variables and high-pressure manipulation by the control valve control. Therefore, the pump fast response. 


(3) radial structure design to overcome, such as the axial piston pump partial Slipper grinding problems. The ability to impact a substantial increase. 


(4) the balance of compensation design pressure of the static friction bearing stiffness increased, to overcome the friction of inquiry injury bonding issue. Not only impact the ability to pump significantly enhance the ability of anti-pollution, but also reduce wear and tear. So that the pump longevity. 


(5) pump core material used ductile iron alloy and the ADI special heat treatment process, the main components of heat occlusion ability and have a high degree of abrasion resistance increase its wear resistance is an internationally comparable products 2 .7 times. Further guarantee the life of the pump. 


(6) Variable control module design so that the series can easily achieve constant pressure pump, hydraulic remote constant pressure, electro-hydraulic proportional load sensitive, such as constant power control mode. That meets the open system, but also to meet the closed system. 


3 performance indicators 


Capacity: 10 ~ 25OmL / r 

Working Pressure: 31.5MP 

Maximum working pressure: 35MPa 

Peak pressure: 42MPa 

Volumetric efficiency: 90 percent 96 percent 

The total efficiency: 85% -90% 

Response time: 50-80 ms variable feedback 80-120 ms 

Oil absorption, the lowest pressure: 0.08MPa (absolute pressure) 

Ambient temperature: -15 - +60

Oil Viscosity: 10-76CSt 

Working media: hydraulic mineral oil or other medium 

Allow a maximum speed: 1800 ~ 2500r/min 

Noise level: 250mL / r pump in 31.5 MPa pressure <80 dB (A)

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