Forklift six BB1 diesel engine made in the domestic pump Choke

TCMFD50Z7 widespread use of the port, TCMFD60Z7, BJ-FD50, FD60Z 7BJ, HF-FD60, ATF-FD60Z7 such as forklifts are equipped with Japan ISUZU6BB1 (or 6 BB1LK) diesel engine. The engine used with the pump mouth is Japan ZEXEL company's products. 


According to the Shanghai Port Authority statistics show that a total of Shanghai Forklift 659, but the engine in a 6-BB1 there are six kinds of forklift 129 units, or 19.6% of the total number of forklifts. The imports of machinery, and some have introduced many years, and were repeatedly entered the repair period. 6 BB1 imports due to the maintenance of diesel engine fuel pumps are required for the plunger Choke, filling valve, dual nozzle three pairs of quite a number of parts and require high processing complex, in the past can only rely on imports, while imports cycle accessories Availability long, the prices have become increasingly expensive for the normal forklift maintenance and repair costs increase, the economic efficiency of enterprises to a certain impact. To support these expensive to use good imports machinery, excluding imports from the fundamental parts of the troubled enterprises, the only way is not dependent on imports, make the localization of key components. In order to replace the imported products, since the first half of 1997, we have set up a 6 BB1 engine fuel system components localization of the development and research teams, and the domestic internal combustion engine and pump combination Choke industry professionals, in the mouth of the pump Domestic Development of the work . 


Localization of a pump means Choke 


First, we have to import the original BB1-6 engine fuel injector and fuel pump assembly for structural analysis and determination of its performance parameters as the original basis. Then based on actual usage conditions and often need repair replacement wearing parts, the initial set of components and the implementation of domestic structure and performance parameters, and the domestic oil industry has been conducting an investigation Choke, matching performance characteristics of the structure and parameters of similar maturity product components. No mature product for the domestic part of components, such as filling valve counterpart, special seals, and other specifications to the January 1 implementation of national professional factory custom. For part of a summary of the components, taking into account the relatively high processing costs, we have to conduct its own mapping and production, then these final selection, customization and self-made parts and components to consolidate, reassembly. 


Secondly, in order to make the domestic injector and fuel pump assembly structure, the main performance parameters consistent with the original assembly, in accordance with the following principles of the General Armament Department and restructuring: 


1) Localization of the injector and fuel pump assembly in the engine installed on location, size and operating methods for connecting to and imports original pieces of the same, to repair the whole process of exchange will not be affected assembly requirements. 

2) Localization of the injector and fuel pump assembly, the main consumable parts to original pieces and imports in line to the process of repairing the main vulnerability of the exchange will not be affected. 

3) Domestic mouth of the pump, supply performance and speed performance requirements and imported original pieces consistent to ensure that the use of forklift trucks. 


2 fuel pump assembly of the Performance Comparison Test 


To make Chinese-made parts are assembled into the fuel pump assembly to replace imported original pump, fuel pump test stand in a comprehensive performance tuning, adjusted to the main performance parameters of the original equipment factory under the technical requirements. Comparison of the performance test are as follows: 

1) fuel pump structure and main technical parameters of performance comparison tests. Structure and main technical performance parameters are: fuel pump and the governor the structural type, fuel injection sequence, plunger supply pre-trip injection interval angle. 


3 forklift in the engine and the application of test 


First, we will assemble the six injector installed in the HVAC imports TCMFD60Z7 forklift truck, I use October, the performance has been good. Again in the injection pump test stand fuel pump assembly debugging good domestic assembly capacity tests, the use of more than half a year, the good performance indicators. Comply with the recommendations of the Technical Department, in July 1998 and assembled a homemade fuel pump assembly of the people's livelihood Ports Corporation installed in the Shanghai TCM forklift truck imports, the use of a good performance so far. The units that were assembled in domestic fuel pump and injector HVAC can replace imported parts in the original 6 BB1 engine use. 


4 Summary of development work 


1) evaluation for the assembly of Chinese-made parts will completely replace the fuel pump assembly of imported original pump, and prove the reliability, we have imported from original Chinese-made parts are assembled and the fuel pump assembly and one each in Taiwan, commissioned by the Ministry of Industry Machinery Wuxi Pump Choke Institute to conduct a comprehensive performance comparison tests. The results proved that Chinese-made parts are assembled by the fuel pump assembly, its structure and performance may meet BB1-6 engine maintenance requirements, save foreign exchange and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. 

2) from domestic assembly of the fuel injector and fuel pump assembly in the engine installation and operating methods were similar and imports, into the pipeline, to tubing, high pressure pipeline are no changes can be easily replaced by domestic 

Injector and fuel pump assembly, the assembly will not only meet the requirements of the exchange will not be affected, and more than 90 percent of Chinese-made parts can be bought with the injector and fuel pump interchangeable parts, repair use is extremely convenient. 

3) the domestic assembly of the fuel injector and fuel pump assembly import prices were only original injector fuel pump assembly and the 8% to 1 0%, the need for regular maintenance of the three pairs of precision dual (plunger , the oil valve and nozzle) is only 6.6 per cent of the prices of imports. 6 BB1 entire fuel system - a total of more than 300 parts 160 kinds of parts, which Guochanhualu: has reached more than 90 per cent, and domestic assembly of the fuel injector and fuel pump in all the consumable parts are sufficient supply to users Maintenance is easy to use, and low price.

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